Will the future be greener? The environmental behavioral intentions of university tourism students

Su Lan Pan, Ju Chou, Alastair M. Morrison*, Wen Shiung Huang, Meng Chen Lin


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Sustainable tourism is essential for tourism sector development. Environmentally responsible behaviors and behavioral intentions are important prerequisites for sustainable tourism. This research explores the behavioral intentions of university tourism students and significant factors affecting these behavioral intentions. The questionnaire survey method was applied to university students from the tourism departments of nine universities in Taiwan. A total of 390 valid questionnaires were collected. The pro-environmental behavioral intentions of the students ranged from moderate to high. Environmental knowledge positively affected behavioral intentions and positively influenced environmental sensitivity and environmental responsibility. Furthermore, environmental sensitivity and environmental responsibility exerted a full effect in mediating the relationship between environmental knowledge and behavioral intentions. Hence, increasing students' environmental knowledge will enhance their behavioral intentions. However, by improving students' sensitivity and responsibility, their intentions to protect the environment can be more effectively elevated. Development implications and recommendations for sustainable tourism and higher education are provided.

期刊Sustainability (Switzerland)
出版狀態已發佈 - 2018 2月 28

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