Weak ferromagnetism in distorted T′-phase cuprates

H. M. Luo, S. Y. Ding, Y. Y. Hsu, B. N. Lin, H. C. Ku

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Copper weak ferromagnetic or canted-antiferromagnetic order in distorted T′-phase (orthorhombic O′-phase) Gd2CuO4 and related Gd2-xRxCuO4 (R = rare earth, Bi, or Bi/Ce) cuprates is reported. The weak ferromagnetism is the result of the small oxygen distortion in otherwise square CuO2 plane. Powder X-ray Rietveld refinement analysis shows that the oxygen distortion angle α(Cu-O-Cu) is directly related to the ionic size in Gd2CuO4-type cuprates. The correlation between the crystal symmetry, antiferromagnetism and weak ferromagnetism in T′-phase cuprates is discussed.

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出版狀態已發佈 - 2001 三月 15

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