Vescalagin from pink wax apple [Syzygium samarangense (Blume) Merrill and Perry] alleviates hepatic insulin resistance and ameliorates glycemic metabolism abnormality in rats fed a high-fructose diet

Da Wei Huang, Wen Chang Chang, James Swi Bea Wu, Rui Wen Shih, Szu-Chuan Shen

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This study investigates the ameliorative effect of vescalagin (VES) isolated from Pink wax apple fruit on hepatic insulin resistance and abnormal carbohydrate metabolism in high-fructose diet (HFD)-induced hyperglycemic rats. The results show that in HFD rats, VES significantly reduced the values of the area under the curve for glucose in an oral glucose tolerance test and the homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance index. VES significantly enhanced the activity of hepatic antioxidant enzymes while reducing thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances in HFD rats. Western blot assay revealed that VES reduced hepatic protein expression involved in inflammation pathways while up-regulating expression of hepatic insulin signaling-related proteins. Moreover, VES up-regulated the expression of hepatic glycogen synthase and hepatic glycolysis-related proteins while down-regulating hepatic gluconeogenesis-related proteins in HFD rats. This study suggests some therapeutic potential of VES in preventing the progression of diabetes mellitus.

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期刊Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
出版狀態已發佈 - 2016 二月 10


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