Validation of the wood's job satisfaction questionnaire among taiwanese nonprofit sport organization workers

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The purpose of this study was to examine the psychometric properties of Wood's Job Satisfaction Questionnaire (JSQ) among Taiwanese workers. The participants were 341 nonprofit sport organization workers (M age = 35.89, SD = 9.23) who completed the job satisfaction questionnaire, turnover intention scale, and organizational commitment. Confirmatory factor analysis was conducted to examine the validity of the JSQ. Results indicated that the model fit was satisfactory and a second-order factor accounts for the relationships among the first-order factors. In addition, the JSQ was, as expected, positively correlated with organizational commitment but is inversely correlated with turnover intention. The Cronbach's α was 76 for the JSQ, indicating a satisfactory validity and reliability in the Taiwanese worker sample. We conclude that the JSQ is useful for assessing an employee's satisfaction.

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