Understanding gastronomic image from tourists’ perspective: A repertory grid approach

Richard C.Y. Chang, Athena H.N. Mak*


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Gastronomic image (GI) has increasingly been recognized as a valuable and inimitable source of competitive advantage by many destinations. However, little is known as to what attributes constitute GI, especially from tourists’ perspective. This study attempts to explore the salient attributes and dimensions of GI through the repertory grid method and generalized Procrustes analysis. Based on 50 repertory grid interviews with international tourists visiting Taiwan, a total of 46 GI attributes were identified. These attributes were classified into seven categories, namely, attractiveness, flavor profile, familiarity, cooking method and ingredients, distinctiveness, convenience and price, and health and safety. The findings provide useful insights for practice and serve as the basis for future research in the field of GI.

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期刊Tourism Management
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