Tungsten Nitride (W5N6): An Ultraresilient 2D Semimetal

Hao Ting Chin, Deng Chi Wang, Desman Perdamaian Gulo, Yu Chi Yao, Hao Chen Yeh, Jeyavelan Muthu, Ding Rui Chen, Tzu Chun Kao, Martin Kalbáč, Ping Hui Lin, Cheng Maw Cheng, Mario Hofmann, Chi Te Liang, Hsiang Lin Liu, Feng Chuan Chuang, Ya Ping Hsieh*


研究成果: 雜誌貢獻期刊論文同行評審


Two-dimensional transition metal nitrides offer intriguing possibilities for achieving novel electronic and mechanical functionality owing to their distinctive and tunable bonding characteristics compared to other 2D materials. We demonstrate here the enabling effects of strong bonding on the morphology and functionality of 2D tungsten nitrides. The employed bottom-up synthesis experienced a unique substrate stabilization effect beyond van-der-Waals epitaxy that favored W5N6 over lower metal nitrides. Comprehensive structural and electronic characterization reveals that monolayer W5N6 can be synthesized at large scale and shows semimetallic behavior with an intriguing indirect band structure. Moreover, the material exhibits exceptional resilience against mechanical damage and chemical reactions. Leveraging these electronic properties and robustness, we demonstrate the application of W5N6 as atomic-scale dry etch stops that allow the integration of high-performance 2D materials contacts. These findings highlight the potential of 2D transition metal nitrides for realizing advanced electronic devices and functional interfaces.

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期刊Nano Letters
出版狀態已發佈 - 2024 1月 10

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