Tunable multichannel filter in a photonic crystal containing semiconductor photonic quantum well

Hui Chuan Hung, Chien Jang Wu, Tzong Jer Yang, Shoou Jinn Chang

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A tunable multichannel filter in the finite photonic crystal (PC) containing photonic quantum well (PQW) as a defect is proposed. The symmetric structure (AB) P(CD) Q(BA) P and the asymmetric structure (AB) P(CD) Q(AB) P are considered in this work. Here, the host PC of (AB) P is made of Si for layer A and of SiO 2 for layer B. In the PQW, (CD) Q, C also is Si, but D is an extrinsic semiconductor, n-type silicon (n-Si). With the use of n-Si, it is found that both structures can function as a tunable multichannel filter in the infrared region. The number of channels is equal to Q + 1 in the symmetric structure, whereas it is Q for the asymmetric one. The positions of multiple resonant peaks can be tuned by the variation in the impurity concentration of n-Si. The proposed filter could be used to design the wavelength division multiplexer filter that is of technical use in optical communications.

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期刊IEEE Photonics Journal
出版狀態已發佈 - 2012 二月 29


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