Tribological behavior of reciprocating friction drive system under lubricated contact

Chii Rong Yang, Yuang Cherng Chiou, Rong Tsong Lee

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The dynamic friction and wear behaviors are investigated in reciprocating friction drive system using a 0.45% carbon steel pair. The effects of various operating parameters on the traction force, stick and slip time, and friction modes are examined under the lubricated contacts. Moreover, the critical operating conditions in classifying three friction modes are also established. Results show that the fluid friction induced by the shearing of lubricant dominates the variation of traction force and produces the positive slope γ at the first period of slip in the traction force-relative sliding velocity curve. The γ value decreases at higher driver speed during stick-slip motion due to the thicker fluid film and shear thinning effect. The γ value increases due to the asperity interactions as the friction region is transferred from stick-slip to sticking with normal load from 196 to 980 N. Furthermore, it is also found that the static friction force is independent of stick time for the tangential loading rate ranged from 1.12 to 16.8 s-1. The transition region produces the severest wear under the different driver speeds, but the wear is insensitive to the friction regions and the severe wear only occurs at higher normal load due to the action of Hertzian contact.

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期刊Tribology International
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