Transport properties and electronic specific heat of

Gheorghe Ilonca*, Tzuen Rong Yang, Aurel Pop, Eugen Macocian, Valentin Toma, Ovidiu Furdui


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The effect of the partial substitution of Cu by Zn and La by Ba in La: 214 prepared by conventional solid state reaction method has been investigated by using Hall coefficient, Seebeck coefficient and electronic specific heat measurements, over the wide temperature range between 4.2 K and 300 K, in magnetic fields up to 5 T. The samples with y = 0 and d = 0, showed superconductivity for x between 0.055 and 0.30. The critical temperature, the Hall and Seebeck coefficients strongly depend on Zn content. The phonon specific heat Cph and electronic specific heat Ce1 have been extracted from the total specific heat C. Zn-doping effect on the γ(T) = Cel/T behavior suggests that the large range "stripe order" and the fluctuating "stripe" suppress the singlet formation and pseudo gap.

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期刊Journal of Low Temperature Physics
出版狀態已發佈 - 2003 6月

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