Transplanckian dispersion relation and entanglement entropy of blackhole

Darwin Chang, Chong Sun Chu, Feng Li Lin

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The quantum correction to the entanglement entropy of the event horizon is plagued by the UV divergence due to the infinitely blue-shifted near horizon modes. The resolution of this UV divergence provides an excellent window to a better understanding and control of the quantum gravity effects. We claim that the key to resolve this UV puzzle is the transplanckian dispersion relation. We calculate the entanglement entropy using a very general type of transplanckian dispersion relation such that high energy modes above a certain scale are cutoff, and show that the entropy is rendered UV finite. We argue that modified dispersion relation is a generic feature of string theory, and this boundedness nature of the dispersion relation is a general consequence of the existence of a minimal distance in string theory.

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期刊Fortschritte der Physik
出版狀態已發佈 - 2004 六月 1


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