Transforming the personal response system to a cloud voting service

Yu Hui Tao, C. Rosa Yeh

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This paper describes a new business model for a cloud voting service, which shifts focus from selling specialized equipment and installation to providing Internet services through personal mobile devices. This incremental innovation only requires existing technologies, such as general Internet service facility and web/mobile system development. The new cloud voting service frees itself from the limitations of specialized equipment and physical location, and thus expands its applications from classrooms to conference rooms in business organizations, as well as to public events in any location with Wi-Fi/WiMax or 3G Internet access. The potential benefits and business model of this new Internet-enabled service are briefly discussed.

主出版物標題IT Enabled Services
發行者Springer-Verlag Wien
ISBN(列印)3709114241, 9783709114247
出版狀態已發佈 - 2013 七月 1

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