The use of films

Kuen Yi Lin*


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This chapter mainly focuses on exploring the use of film in technology education. The main content includes current research into using film, an exploratory study of how film is used in teaching, and suggestions for using film in technology education, based on previous discussion and the development direction of this manuscript. In consideration of the previous discussion, this chapter presents the following conclusions: (1) to effectively use films in teaching, one should consider the film selection, as well as activities and discussion related to the film; (2) in the field of technology education, teaching activities covering knowledge, skills, design, and reflection can all be incorporated into the classroom by using film. In the future, the following subjects should be considered: (1) most science fiction films’ themes are not easily integrated into technology education for developing students’ technological creativity. To select appropriate films requires technology teachers to use proper planning and consideration in the topic of hands-on activity. (2) In the future, researchers in the field of technology education can consider how to use film to help students build technological knowledge, develop an interest in technology education, and develop creativity and critical thinking.

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