The sorting index on colored permutations and even-signed permutations

Sen Peng Eu, Yuan Hsun Lo*, Tsai Lien Wong


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We define a new statistic sor on the set of colored permutations Gr,n and prove that it has the same distribution as the length function. For the set of restricted colored permutations corresponding to the arrangements of n non-attacking rooks on a fixed Ferrers shape we show that the following two sequences of set-valued statistics are joint equidistributed: (ℓ,Rmil0,Rmil1,...,Rmilr-1, Lmil0,Lmil1,...,Lmilr-1, Lmal0,Lmal1,...,Lmalr-1, Lmap0,Lmap1,...,Lmapr-1) and (sor,Cyc0,Cycr-1,...,Cyc1, Lmic0,Lmicr-1,...,Lmic1, Lmal0,Lmal1,...,Lmalr-1, Lmap0,Lmap1,...,Lmapr-1). Analogous results are also obtained for Coxeter group of type D. Our work generalizes recent results of Petersen, Chen-Gong-Guo and Poznanović.

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期刊Advances in Applied Mathematics
出版狀態已發佈 - 2015 7月 1

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