The Social Network and Adjustment of Indian Women in Taiwan: a Qualitative Study

Purnima Pandey*, Mei Kuei Yu


研究成果: 雜誌貢獻期刊論文同行評審


Social networking is recognized as one of the major supplies in human life progression. This social form significantly influences the altercation of needs as well as supports. There are various types of social networks that vary as the function of respect to the mass of networking members, contact frequency, geographical vicinity, and subsequent arrangements. Herein, the present analysis examines mainly the workplace influences on the social networking structures within the prosperous immigrants, the types of support (i.e., social, emotional, or instrumental) they get from their co-workers, and the various approaches of women to create and maintain the social relationships. Therefore, the main targets of the present research are the following: highlighting their important strategies for life adaptation in Taiwan and their methodology to create daily life social networking. Herein, around ten women were selected randomly, and their detailed in-depth interview had been taken. As for analysis, the researchers inductively analyzed various essential parameters, such as identifying categories, themes, and outlines, which are mainly appeared from the data. In this course, six relevant and understandable wide themes are mainly appeared via analyzing the interviews. These six themes related to the social networking of Indian women staying in Taiwan are as follows: communication, thinking about Taiwan society, the similarity between India and Taiwan society, differences between India and Taiwan society, social life, and women autonomy and working culture. A major issue for respondents is some have difficulties in communicating their own view and their idea related to the matter because of language problems. However, this place is safe and local people are kind and very helpful in nature. The status of Indian women is excellent, and they feel comfortable, safe, and happy to stay and work in Taiwan.

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期刊Global Social Welfare
出版狀態已發佈 - 2022 3月

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