The photoluminescence investigation of ZnxMn1-xTe films

Tzueng Rong Yang*, Cheng Chieh Lu, Mykhaylo M. Dvoynenko, W. C. Chou


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We have measured photoluminescence spectra of Zn1-xMn xTe films grown on a GaAs substrate with ZnSe buffer layer at the low temperature (10 K). These spectra were taken with the use of an Ar ion laser excitation (= 488.8 nm). The value x equals 0, 0.045, 0.117, 0.152, 0. 1811 and 0.268. For the pure ZnTe, we observed the well-resolved five exciton lines that can be attributed to free and bound excitons. The integral (total) intensity of photoluminescence lines from the sample with x = 0.045 is approximately in five times higher than from the sample ZnTe. The photoluminescence from the samples is associated with excitons bounded on Mn. With the increasing of the Mn, the line width of the main peak increases essentially. The FWHL for the ZnTe film is about 3 meV and for the Zn 0.74Mn0.26Te film is 35 meV. The essential increase of the line width indicates an increase of an inhomogeneous structure.

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期刊Physica B: Condensed Matter
出版狀態已發佈 - 2003 5月

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