The Multilingual and Multiorthographic Taiwan-Based Internet

Hsi Yao Su*


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This chapter investigates creative uses of writing systems on the electronic bulletin boards (BBSs) of two college student organizations in Taipei, Taiwan. Data were collected from postings on bulletin boards and semi-structured interviews with members of the student organizations and it was analyzed using qualitative and ethnographic methods. Four popular creative uses of writing systems are identified and discussed: the rendering in Chinese characters of the sounds of English, Taiwanese, and Taiwanese-accented Mandarin, and the recycling of a transliteration alphabet used in elementary education. It is argued that these practices are enabled by the written nature of the Internet, the orthographic systems available in the society, and the multilingual situation in Taiwan, and that everyday meanings associated with the writing systems and languages are appropriated and reproduced through online practice, resulting in a unique mode of communication.

主出版物標題The Multilingual Internet
主出版物子標題Language, Culture, and Communication Online
發行者Oxford University Press
出版狀態已發佈 - 2007 9月 1

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