The integration system for librarians' bibliomining

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Purpose - For library service, bibliomining is concisely defined as the data mining techniques used to extract patterns of behavior-based artifacts from library systems. The bibliomining process includes identifying topics, creating a data warehouse, refining data, exploring data and evaluating results. The cases of practical implementations and applications in different areas have proved that the properly enough and consolidated data warehouse is the critical promise to successful data mining applications. However, the data warehouse creation in the processing of various data sources obviously hampers librarians to apply bibliomining to improve their services and operations. Moreover, most market data mining tools are even more complex for librarians to adopt bibliomining. The purpose of this paper is to propose a practical application model for librarian bibliomining, then develop its corresponding data processing prototype system to guarantee the success of applying data mining in libraries. Design/methodology/approach - The rapid prototyping software development method was applied to design a prototype bibliomining system. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the system, there was a comparison experiment of accomplishing an assigned task for 15 librarians. Findings - With the results of system usability scale (SUS) comparison and turn-around time analysis, it was established that the proposed model and the developed prototype system can really help librarians handle bibliomining applications better. Originality/value - The proposed novel application bibliomining model and its developed integration system are proved to be effective and efficient in bibliomining by the task-oriented experiment and SUS to 15 librarians. Comparing turn-around time to accomplish the assigned task, about 35 per cent in terms of time was saved. Librarians really require an appropriate integration tool to assist them in successful bibliomining applications.

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