The effects of self-directed learning readiness on learning motivation in web 2.0 environments

Chien hwa Wang, Cheng ping Chen

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Recent studies argue that the emergence of Web 2.0 has significantly advanced learner-centred eLearning. However, critics have also suggested that learners could easily become overwhelmed in a completely learner-centred Web 2.0 environment. This indicates that learners are not easily motivated to concentrate on Web 2.0 learning activities. The researchers of this study speculated that learners' self-directed learning readiness might affect learner motivation in Web 2.0 environments. Two research hypotheses were made for the study: 1. learners' Internet experience affects their self-directed learning readiness; 2. self-directed learning readiness is related to Web 2.0 learning motivation. A questionnaire survey was conducted and pilot study showed that overall reliabilities of the questionnaire were satisfied. The subjects of the study were sampled from the college students who were frequent users of local Yahoo! Answers. Data from 334 valid questionnaire responses were collected and statistically analysed. The results indicated that learners with 10 years or more web experience exhibited a significantly higher average score for self-directed learning readiness than learners with less web experience, suggesting web experience significantly influenced the self-directed learning readiness. The results also indicated that the correlation coefficients between each subcategory of self-directed learning readiness and each subset of Web 2.0 learning motivation were highly significant, suggesting that the higher the self-directed learning readiness, the higher the Web 2.0 learning motivation. These findings are especially useful as a reference for educational practitioners to adapt learners' self-directed learning readiness to Web 2.0 environments. Moreover, the findings can also be used to reduce the concerns of people who are sceptical of web 2.0 learning.

主出版物標題Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on e-Learning, ECEL 2011
編輯Asher Rospigliosi, Sue Greener
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事件10th European Conference on e-Learning, ECEL 2011 - Brighton, 英国
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名字Proceedings of the European Conference on Games-based Learning


其他10th European Conference on e-Learning, ECEL 2011

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