The effect of sales promotions on consumers’ organic food response: An application of logistic regression model

Austin Rong Da Liang*, Wan Yang, Dun Ji Chen, Yu Fang Chung


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Purpose: Owing to the wave of consumers concern about food quality, the organic food market has grown rapidly. However, how organic food promotions outweigh the negative impacts of high prices has become a pressing issue scholars need to discuss. Hence, with the value perspective as the basis, the purpose of this paper is to attempt to understand whether or not organic food consumers have preferences for specific promotional programs as opposed to other promotional programs. Design/methodology/approach: The two-stage study design was adopted to explore these issues. In the first stage, 225 copies of promotional program documents were collected, and middle-ranking and high-ranking supervisors from seven organic food distributors were interviewed. According to the value perspective, the promotional programs were divided into four types: discount category, member category, free giveaway category, and limited time offer category, which were used to develop the questionnaire questions. In the second stage, 1,017 copies of valid questionnaires were recovered. Findings: The logistic regression analysis was adopted to discuss the impact of the various promotional program actions on consumers’ choices. The empirical results indicate that the consumers preferred the programs in the discount category and the free giveaway category, while the programs in the member category and limited time offer category reduced the purchase intention. Originality/value: The stringent qualitative and quantitative design in this study shall serve as a reference for follow-up research. The important implications of the operators’ promotion practices are covered in the discussion.

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期刊British Food Journal
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