The dynamism of post disaster risk communication: A cross-country synthesis

Kuan Hui Elaine Lin*, Shabana Khan, Lilibeth A. Acosta, Ryan Alaniz, David Ross Olanya


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In contrast to the momentous literature on risk communication before and during disasters, studies addressing the significance of communication in post disaster recovery and reconstruction phase are limited. This paper aims to fill this gap by paying special attention to the cross-scale interactions and communications in the phase that has a potential to influence not only individual level decision-making about risk but also institutional decisions and policy-making by various stakeholders. Several empirical cases are examined from five countries – Taiwan, Philippines, India, Uganda and Honduras – each of which survived hydrometeorological disasters including flash flood, landslides triggered by storms or tropical cyclones. This study investigates legislative, institutional, cultural, social, and personal factors underlying the dynamism, and develops an integrative risk communication framework. It applies a three-stage methodological analysis including documentary reviews, key informant interviews and semi-structured questionnaire survey with local communities, governmental officials and other stakeholders in the case studies. The study argues that cross-scale risk communication not only has great impacts on individual decision-making on reconstruction and resettlement, but also has implications for long-term planning and development.

期刊International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction
出版狀態已發佈 - 2020 9月

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