The development of special education and inclusion in Taiwan: An example from Asia

Cheng Fen Chang*, Hui Ting Wang


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This chapter provides an example from Asia for professionals interested in how culturally responsive education systems have been established for people with disabilities. The chapter begins with the history of special education in Taiwan, continues with the characteristics of the current special education system, and ends with discussion of issues and future development. Readers will find the history and the special education system developedfrom point to line and then to plane, to form a holistic, comprehensive model. The government, scholars, and parents together have contributed to the Special Education System. The system was influenced primarily by the US and Japan, but also stemmed from the unique Taiwanese culture itself. In addition, the author described different special education teacher training stages and the demands of higher standards of teacher training programs and the necessity for substantial changes. Finally, the authors identified three issues and trends for future development: service extension to both ends, service quality, and evidence-based practices.

主出版物標題Research Anthology on Inclusive Practices for Educators and Administrators in Special Education
發行者IGI Global
出版狀態已發佈 - 2021 9月 24

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