The design and application of a web-based self- and peer-assessment system

Yao Ting Sung*, Kuo En Chang, Shen Kuan Chiou, Huei Tse Hou


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This study describes the web-based self- and peer-assessments system, or the Web-SPA, which has been shown to provide teachers with a flexible interface with which to arrange various self- and peer-assessment procedures. Secondly, this study examines the effects of the application of the progressively focused self- and peer-assessment (PFSPA) procedures that are made available with the Web-SPA. In an evaluative study with 76 third-graders (14 or 15 years old) of junior school, it has been found that the upon completion of the PFSPA activities, the students demonstrate greater objectivity in their self-assessment scores; it has also been shown that significant consistency is found between the students' self- and peer-assessments results and that the assessment results of teachers. Furthermore, the quality of the students' works improved after the assessment activities.

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期刊Computers and Education
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