The circumstellar environment of IRAS 05327+3404

E. A. Magnier*, L. B.F.M. Waters, P. J. Groot, M. E. Van Den Ancker, Y. J. Kuan, E. L. Martin


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We continue our study of the young stellar object associated with IRAS 05327+3404. We have determined the spectral type of the central star to be K2. We show that the star is most likely seen directly, not via a reflection, and that the extinction is only Av ∼ 2.3 mag. The spectral energy distribution shows the presence of large amounts of circumstellar material. Near-IR and optical observations of the reflection nebula also demonstrate the presence of circumstellar material, and show the material to be arranged in a disk with a relatively wide central hole of ∼33° opening angle. The central hole and a CO outflow are co-aligned, and are roughly aligned with the ionized outflow. Several surprising aspects remain: Although the system has a strong ionized outflow, there is little or no evidence of active accretion in the form of UV excess, veiling, or strong high-Balmer line emission. Also, the spectral energy distribution is very wide, and suggests that the original birth cloud had a large rotational velocity. We propose that the relative isolation of the system from other star formation activity may explain the relatively large circumstellar disk for a system with a well-exposed central star.

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期刊Astronomy and Astrophysics
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