The Changes of Cerebral Morphology Related to Aging in Taiwanese Population

Hsiao Lan Sharon Wang, Rongjun Yu, Yu Tzu Wu, Wen Yuan Lee, Ming Fan Lin, Chia Yuan Chen, Ein Yiao Shen*


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A cross-sectional study with the 3-dimensional (3D) MRI reconstruction technique was conducted to investigate cerebral complexity changes related to age differences in native Taiwanese population. In our sample of 85 participants aged between 25 and 81, age was associated with gradual ventricular expansion. A nonlinear quadratic relationship between white matter volume and age was found overall in the brain. Widespread age-related reduction in white matter was detected from late adulthood onwards. However, no significant age-related changes in the cortex and whole brain volume were determined throughout adulthood. These findings provided information in describing brain structural complexity, which might in the future serve as an objective diagnostic index or as a predictive parameter for neurological diseases. Our method then may be used for cross-cultural longitudinal studies to evaluate the effect of disease, environment and aging on the brain.

期刊PloS one
出版狀態已發佈 - 2013 1月 30

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