Teroxirone motivates apoptotic death in tumorspheres of human lung cancer cells

Yu Ling Ni, Chang Heng Hsieh, Jing Ping Wang, Kang Fang*


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Therapy by targeting cancer stem cells (CSCs) is an eligible method to eradicate malignant human tumors. A synthetic triepoxide derivative, teroxirone, was reported effective against the growth of human lung cancer cells by injuring cellular mitochondria functions. And yet it remains unclear if the residual but malicious CSCs can be effectively dissipated following treatment. The current study further affirmed that teroxirone inhibited the propagation of CSCs as enriched from NSCLC cells by inducing p53 that lead to ultimate apoptosis. More evidence supported that the reduced stemness of the spheroids was associated with apoptotic death. The results consolidate the notion that teroxirone is a viable and effective therapeutic agent for eradicating human lung cancer.

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期刊Chemico-Biological Interactions
出版狀態已發佈 - 2018 8月 1

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