Teaching in a wireless learning environment: A case study

Tzu Chien Liu*


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Although wireless and mobile technology is regarded as a useful tool for enhancing student-centered learning, few studies have explored the factors that may affect the application of this emerging technology in classroom situations. Accordingly, this study selects three factors (instructional belief, instructional routine, and features of wireless and mobile technology) via literature review, then utilizes a case-study method with a focus class and teacher to explore the effects of these factors on teaching in wireless environments. The main study results are summarized as follows: first, the case teacher held positive beliefs regarding student-centered instruction and innovative technology, but the teacher's instructional practices were significantly restricted by the teacher-centered approach. This inconsistency between instructional beliefs and practices resulted in the teacher being willing to apply wireless technology but unable to bring it into full play. Second, the strong stress and misgivings about changes in instructional methods prevented the teacher from altering instructional routines. The contrast between student expectations regarding technological applications and the practical application of technology by teachers caused negative reciprocal effects. Finally, the workshop that adopted top-down dissemination and did not use on-site support in this study cannot encourage changes in instruction methods used by teachers. It is recommended that effective learning communities and teacher development programs be developed.

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