Targeted protein quantitation in human body fluids by mass spectrometry

Yi Ting Chen, Wan Rou Liao, Hsueh Ting Wang, Hsiao Wei Chen, Sung Fang Chen*


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Human body fluids (biofluids) contain various proteins, some of which reflect individuals' physiological conditions or predict diseases. Therefore, the analysis of biofluids can provide substantial information on novel biomarkers for clinical diagnosis and prognosis. In the past decades, mass spectrometry (MS)-based technologies have been developed as proteomic strategies not only for the identification of protein biomarkers but also for biomarker verification/validation in body fluids for clinical applications. The main advantage of targeted MS-based methodologies is the accurate and specific simultaneous quantitation of multiple biomarkers with high sensitivity. Here, we review MS-based methodologies that are currently used for the targeted quantitation of protein components in human body fluids, especially in plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, and saliva. In addition, the currently used MS-based methodologies are summarized with a specific focus on applicable clinical sample types, MS configurations, and acquisition modes.

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期刊Mass Spectrometry Reviews
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