System design and mechatronics of an air supply station for air-powered scooters

Yi Hsuan Hung*, Jian Hao Chen, Chien Hsun Wu, Syuan Yi Chen


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This study developed an air supply station for air-powered scooters. The station comprised mechanical and electrical systems. The key components of the mechanical system were a high-power air compressor, low-pressure cylinder, pneumatic boosting cylinder, high-pressure accumulator, and target tank. The electrical system comprised pressure sensors, air flow sensors, and control circuits, which were equipped adequately for the air charge. An air-powered scooter was used to evaluate the design specifications and charging performance of the station, and the scooter was tested on a chassis dynamometer to assess performance during a modified standard driving cycle. The experimental results confirmed that the air supply station can produce high-pressure air for air-powered vehicles. The station design can guide the development of similar technology by companies in the transportation and green energy industries. Future research will conduct a theoretical analysis by modeling and simulating the performance of the air station and air scooter.

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期刊Computers and Electrical Engineering
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