Synthesis of Ru1-xSbxSr2(Eu 0.7Ce0.3)2Cu2O10-δ and their magnetic and transport properties

T. R. Yang*, G. Ilonca, F. Beiuşan, A. V. Pop, V. Toma, I. Matei, S. Patapis


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Ru1-xSbxSr2(Eu0.7Ce 0.3)2Cu2O10-δ systems were prepared by conventional solid state reaction method. The structural analysis was investigated using X-ray diffraction. Electrical resistivity, Hall effect and magnetic susceptibility measurements on Ru:1222 doped with Sb are presented, together with results in the temperature range 5-300 K. Transition temperature decreases from 43 K for x = 0.00 to 20 K for x = 0.06 Sb. This may be due to a distortion of RuO6 octahedral, which is responsible of the increase in hole localization. The Hall effect anomalous decreases below T magnetic which may be explained within a simple two-band model by a transition from localized to more itinerant behavior in the RuO2 layer at Tmagnetic. The behavior of magnetic susceptibility is caused by an antisymmetric exchange coupling of the Dzyaloshinsky-Morya type between neighboring Ru moments.

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期刊International Journal of Modern Physics B
出版狀態已發佈 - 2005 9月 10

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