Synthesis and characterization of Bi2Sr2PrCu2O8+δ single crystals

H. C. Ku, Y. M. Wan, Y. Y. Hsu, S. R. Lin, D. Y. Hsu

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Solid state crystal growing method has been used for oxides to synthesis stoichiometric Bi2Sr2PrCu2O8+δ compounds. Stable layered structure phase is found to crystallize in fully oxygenated atmosphere at the temperature of 1000°C Powder X-ray diffraction analysis indicates a pseudo-tetragonal phase with lattice parameters a ≈ b = 5.43 Å and c = 30.3 Å. Four-probe transport measurements shows superconductivity with the onset temperature at ~15 K. Near the temperature, dc magnetic susceptibility examination exhibits diamagnetic signal in zero-field-cool. The volume fraction of Meissner signal in field cool is as large as ~20% for the lowest experimental temperature of 2 K indicating bulk nature. Under the application of an external magnetic field, the anisotropy of the compound is estimated to be -103 from resistivity measurements.

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期刊Czechoslovak Journal of Physics
發行號SUPPL. 3
出版狀態已發佈 - 1996

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