Sustainable education using new communication technology: Assessment with analytical hierarchy process (AHP)

Xin Yu Wang, Guang Li, Jih Fu Tu, Khuyen Thi To Nguyen, Chun Yen Chang*


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This study explores how new communication technology is implemented in education by mainly focusing on the teacher’s role. With a questionnaire and interview surveys, the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) was carried out to understand the factors that affect implementing new communication technology in education. New technologies such as the fifth-generation (5G) technology contribute to the realization of ubiquitous and effective learning. Effective adoption of this technology for education is pedagogically based on teachers’ capability and determination to improve students’ learning activities. The results indicate that teachers and students prefer traditional teaching methods to the new technological methods, with a high weight recorded for the “maintaining the traditional teaching tools” criteria in the solution layer. The importance of the criteria layer shows that there are possibilities of implementing new technologies into education with appropriate support. When considering teachers’ effort, time spent, and resources used to prepare adequate materials, teachers are hesitant about using new technology. However, support helps to implement new communication technology successfully into education, especially teaching. Even with the many advantages of new technology, such as 5G, its problems prohibit teachers from actively using new technology. To provide a basic understanding of how to encourage teachers to successfully implement new technology into education, especially teaching, the results of this study help promote the applications used for sustainable education to narrow the educational divide.

期刊Sustainability (Switzerland)
出版狀態已發佈 - 2021 9月 1

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