Surface etching of InP(100) by chlorine

Wei Hsiu Hung*, Jyh Tsung Hsieh, Huey Liang Hwang, Hsin Yen Hwang, Che Chen Chang


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The cleaning and etching of the InP(100) surface by chlorine gas is investigated using synchrotron-radiation photoemission spectroscopy. A clean InP surface with a 4 × 2 configuration is obtained by ion sputtering or chlorine etching, followed by annealing to 650 K. The clean surface obtained by chlorine etching and annealing is indium-rich with the surface indium atoms showing metallic characterics. The chemisorption of chlorine leads to the formation of various InClx (x = 1-3) and PC1 species on the InP surface at 110 K and their corresponding chemical shifts are assigned. The chlorination of the InP surface causes surface band bending by about 0.36 eV at the saturation coverage. Argon-ion sputtering enhances the surface reactivity so that the sputtered surface can be chlorinated to a higher extent than the clean surface.

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期刊Surface Science
出版狀態已發佈 - 1998 11月 27

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