Supporting Disaster Relief Efforts Internationally: A Call to Counseling Psychologists

Arpana G. Inman*, Lawrence H. Gerstein, Ying Fen Wang, Michiko Iwasaki, Mary Gregerson, Leah M. Rouse, Sherry Dingman, Joaquim A. Ferreira, Agnes Watanabe-Muraoka, Sue C. Jacobs


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The increased occurrence of natural and human-made disasters has led to a greater call for culturally sensitive engagement in disaster mental health. In this article, we aim to stimulate culturally focused participation and competence among counseling psychologists who engage in disaster mental health work. Framed within an ecological and systemic interaction of individual, cultural, community, and structural factors, the article is based on two cross-cultural competency models emphasizing, cultural intelligence, language proficiency, cognitive complexity and flexibility, and highly developed interpersonal and communication skills, in the planning and delivery of disaster relief services. In particular, we address (a) specific cultural challenges, (b) skills and competencies needed, and (c) recommendations for online resources, that are relevant to counseling psychologists who seek to promote emotional resiliency in individuals and communities impacted by a disaster.

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期刊Counseling Psychologist
出版狀態已發佈 - 2019 5月 1

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