Superfluid and normal fluid density in high-Tc superconductors

D. B. Tanner*, H. L. Liu, M. A. Quijada, A. M. Zibold, H. Berger, R. J. Kelley, M. Onellion, F. C. Chou, D. C. Johnston, J. P. Rice, D. M. Ginsberg, J. T. Markert


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The electronic properties of the cuprate superconductors have been studied by measuring the reflectance over the frequency range from the far-infrared to the near-ultraviolet (roughly, 10 meV-5 eV). There is an interesting behavior in both the normal state and the superconducting state. In the normal state, there is the well-known non-Drude distribution of the doping-induced spectral weight. In the superconducting state, the spectral weight of the superconducting condensate correlates with Tc in a variety of materials. Remarkably, in optimally doped superconductors, only about 20% of the doping-induced carriers joins the superfluid; the rest of the spectral weight remains at finite frequencies.

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期刊Physica B: Condensed Matter
出版狀態已發佈 - 1998 1月 1

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