Study of micro-electro discharge machining (micro-EDM) with on-machine measurement-assisted techniques

Shun Tong Chen*, Hong Ye Yang


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In this study on-machine measurement-assisted techniques are utilized in combination with micro-EDM to successfully machine intricate micro-parts. Two measurement approaches, automatic optical inspection (AOI) and critical contact measurement (CCM), are used on a previously built machine tool. AOI acquires the image from the contour of the machined workpiece and further processes the image to determine the finish allowance. CCM measures on-line the consumption of the microelectrode to create an accurate compensation rate. These two non-contact measurement techniques facilitate on-machine error detection and re-machining during micro-EDM. Significant work efficiency and preservation of machining accuracy are gained by having the workpiece and tool remain in place throughout machining procedures. A micro-probe with a diameter of 30 νm and a micro 3D engraving mold on a small tungsten steel ball are perfectly fabricated and verified, respectively.

期刊Measurement Science and Technology
出版狀態已發佈 - 2011 6月

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