Studies of mesoscopic lattices forming with magnetic fluids

I. M. Jiang*, M. S. Wang, H. E. Horng, C. Y. Hong


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The high-quality magnetic fluid composition is capable of forming two-dimensional lattices of concentrated magnetic particle columns in a thin film in magnetic fields. The extraordinary lattices, a kind of novel mesoscopic system, have been explored with optical microscopy, digital imaging, and computer-video technique in this study. The two-dimensional lattices present hexagonal phase with exotic topological defects due to the structure distortion under excitations. The ordering of the 2D lattices are classified with positional and bond-orientational correlation functions. Some dynamical observations of topological defects are also made in this study.

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期刊Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications
出版狀態已發佈 - 2000 6月 15
事件5th Taiwan International Symposium on Statistical Physics (StatPhys-Taiwan-1999) - Taipei, Taiwan
持續時間: 1999 8月 91999 8月 12

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