Student computer achievement, attitude, and anxiety: The role of learning strategies

Meng Jung Tsai*, Chin-Chung Tsai


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People are living in a society with numerous applications of computer technology; hence, achieving the goal of computer literacy is currently implemented in schools at various levels. In general, computer literacy includes basic knowledge and skills of computer technology (computer achievement), computer attitudes, and computer anxiety. This study viewed students' learning strategies as an important variable related to their computer literacy. Through collecting research data from 75 Taiwanese eighth graders enrolled in a computer course, this study revealed that students with higher-order metacognitive skills in monitoring their comprehension, selecting main ideas, and using resources helpful for learning tended to have higher computer achievement, better computer attitudes, and lower computer anxiety. In particular, the strategy of finding and using other study aids seemed to help the students have better attitudes and lower anxiety of learning computers.

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期刊Journal of Educational Computing Research
出版狀態已發佈 - 2003

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