Structure and diffusion of small Ir and Rh clusters on Ir(001) surfaces

Tsu Yi Fu, Tien T. Tsong*


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It is known that Ir adatoms diffuse on Ir(001) surface by atomic-exchange mechanism, whereas Rh adatoms diffuse on this surface by atomic-hopping mechanism. The question is how about their clusters, and how the mechanisms can affect their diffusion behavior and energetics. Using the field ion microscope, we have measured diffusion parameters of individual Rh and Ir adatoms and small clusters on Ir(001) surfaces. We also show how the activation energy changes as a function of the cluster size and shape. From the probability of observing different atomic configurations during diffusion, different diffusion mechanisms are investigated. By considering the energetics of different atomic processes, it appears that atomic-exchange is still favored for Ir dimers. But for clusters larger than trimers, the exchange mechanism is no longer favored.

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期刊Surface Science
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