Structural, electrical and magnetic characterization of the double perovskites Sr2CrMO6 (M = Mo, W): B′ 4d-5d system

T. S. Chan, R. S. Liu, G. Y. Guo, S. F. Hu, J. G. Lin, J. F. Lee, L. Y. Jang, C. R. Chang, C. Y. Huang

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We report on the preparation and characterization of the variation of B′-site transition metal in Sr2CrMO6 (M = Mo, W) with double perovskites structure. The magnetic susceptibility shows that Sr2CrMoO6 and Sr2CrWO6 are antiferromagnets with TN = 40 and 30 K at H = 1 T, respectively. In addition, a large magnetoresistance ratio (MR) of ∼ 38% (H = 3 T) at 5 K was observed in the Sr2CrWO6 compound. However, the Sr 2CrMoO6 compound does not show any significant MR even at high fields (MR ∼ 4%; H = 3 T and 5 K). The measured O K-edge X-ray absorption is in agreement with the calculated O p-density of states for both compounds.

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