Strongly Enhanced Berry Dipole at Topological Phase Transitions in BiTeI

Jorge I. Facio, Dmitri Efremov, Klaus Koepernik, Jhih Shih You, Inti Sodemann, Jeroen Van Den Brink

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Transitions between topologically distinct electronic states have been predicted in different classes of materials and observed in some. A major goal is the identification of measurable properties that directly expose the topological nature of such transitions. Here, we focus on the giant Rashba material bismuth tellurium iodine which exhibits a pressure-driven phase transition between topological and trivial insulators in three dimensions. We demonstrate that this transition, which proceeds through an intermediate Weyl semimetallic state, is accompanied by a giant enhancement of the Berry curvature dipole which can be probed in transport and optoelectronic experiments. From first-principles calculations, we show that the Berry dipole - a vector along the polar axis of this material - has opposite orientations in the trivial and topological insulating phases and peaks at the insulator-to-Weyl critical points, at which the nonlinear Hall conductivity can increase by over 2 orders of magnitude.

期刊Physical Review Letters
出版狀態已發佈 - 2018 12月 14

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