Strain-induced growth of SiO2 dots by liquid phase deposition

C. W. Liu, B. C. Hsu, K. F. Chen, Min-Hung Lee, C. R. Shie, Pang Shiu Chen

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    Liquid phase deposition method was used to deposit SiO2 dots on the Si cap layers of self-assembled Ge dots. The step height and base width of the dots increased with the deposition time. A metal-oxide-semiconductor photodetector with a responsivity of 0.08 mA/W at 1550 nm was also fabricated.

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    期刊Applied Physics Letters
    出版狀態已發佈 - 2003 一月 27

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    Liu, C. W., Hsu, B. C., Chen, K. F., Lee, M-H., Shie, C. R., & Chen, P. S. (2003). Strain-induced growth of SiO2 dots by liquid phase deposition. Applied Physics Letters, 82(4), 589-591.