Stochastic growth dynamics and composite defects in quenched immiscible binary condensates

I. K. Liu, R. W. Pattinson, T. P. Billam, S. A. Gardiner, S. L. Cornish, T. M. Huang, W. W. Lin, S. C. Gou, N. G. Parker, N. P. Proukakis

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We study the sensitivity of coupled condensate formation dynamics on the history of initial stochastic domain formation in the context of instantaneously quenched elongated harmonically trapped immiscible two-component atomic Bose gases. The spontaneous generation of defects in the fastest condensing component, and subsequent coarse-graining dynamics, can lead to a deep oscillating microtrap into which the other component condenses, thereby establishing a long-lived composite defect in the form of a dark-bright solitary wave. We numerically map out diverse key aspects of these competing growth dynamics, focusing on the role of shot-to-shot fluctuations and global parameter changes (initial state choices, quench parameters, and condensate growth rates), with our findings also qualitatively confirmed by realistic finite-duration quenches. We conclude that phase-separated structures observable on experimental time scales are likely to be metastable states whose form is influenced by the stability and dynamics of the spontaneously emerging dark-bright solitary wave.

期刊Physical Review A
出版狀態已發佈 - 2016 2月 18

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