Spin-reorientation transition in magnetic alloy films CoxNi1 - x/Cu(100)

Wen-Chin Lin, C. C. Kuo, C. L. Chiu, Minn Tsong Lin*


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With better than 1% control of alloy composition, binary alloy films CoxNi1 - x/Cu(100) with x ≤ 10% were prepared for the study of the spin-reorientation transition at variations of composition, thickness, and temperature. Only the films with a Co concentration less than 10% reveal the spin-reorientation with the film thickness. The critical thickness for the spin-reorientation transition was shifted drastically from 7.5 to 17.5 monolayers for a Co concentration variation from 0% to 8%. These findings indicate a strong influence of the composition on the magnetoelastic anisotropy. A kind of temperature-driven spin-reorientation from in-plane to perpendicular with increasing temperature was also found.

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期刊Journal of Applied Physics
發行號11 II
出版狀態已發佈 - 2001 六月 1
事件8th Joint Magnetism and Magnetic Materials-Intermag Conference - San Antonio, TX, 美国
持續時間: 2001 一月 72001 一月 11

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