Spin-phonon-charge coupling in the two-dimensional honeycomb lattice compound Ni2Te3 O8

Ajay Tiwari, D. Chandrasekhar Kakarla*, Bommareddy Poojitha, Priyambada Sahoo, H. L. Liu, A. Dixit, C. W. Wang, T. W. Yen, M. J. Hsieh, J. Y. Lin, Jyothinagaram Krishnamurthy, Y. C. Lai, H. Chou, T. W. Kuo, Arkadeb Pal, H. D. Yang*


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A two-dimensional honeycomb-structured magnet Ni2Te3O8 was synthesized, characterized, and comprehensively investigated for its intriguing physical properties. DC magnetization, specific heat, and neutron diffraction revealed a long-range commensurate antiferromagnetic ordering at TN∼35K with a propagation vector k=(100). The magnetic sublattice comprises stacking distorted honeycomb layers along the a axis. The Ni2+ spins on the honeycomb lattice are essentially pointing out of the layers and are antiferromagnetically coupled to the neighboring spins. Temperature (T) and magnetic field (H) dependent dielectric measurements indicated an apparent anomaly near TN, accompanied by a weak magnetodielectric effect. Raman mode renormalization and lattice anomalies near TN demonstrated spin-lattice coupling through magnetoelastic and spin-phonon interactions. These findings highlight the fascinating interplay between spin, charge, and phonon degrees of freedom in Ni2Te3O8.

期刊Physical Review B
出版狀態已發佈 - 2023 8月 15

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