Spectroscopic studies of inhomogeneous electronic phases in colossal magnetoresistance and charge-ordering compounds

S. L. Cooper, H. L. Liu, S. Yoon, S. W. Cheong, Z. Fisk

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Infrared reflectance and Raman spectroscopy measurements have been performed through the metal-semiconductor (or-semimetal) transitions of various "colossal magnetoresistance" and charge-ordering materials, including EuB6 and the manganese perovskites. As described in this paper, our results demonstrate that these systems have phase regions characterized by electronic inhomogeniety of various types, including: (1) pure spin polarons, which form in a narrow temperature range above Tc in the "colossal magnetoresistance" system EuB6; (2) magnetoelastic polarons, and an inhomogeneous ferromagnetic phase comprised of both metallic and insulating regions, in the "colossal magnetoresistance" regime of La1-x(Sr, Ca)xMnO3 (x < 0.5); and (3) phase separation behavior involving coexisting ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic domains in the intermediate-temperature (CO) phase of the charge-ordering system Bi1-xCaxMnO3 (x > 0.5).

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期刊Materials Research Society Symposium-Proceedings
出版狀態已發佈 - 2000 一月 1


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