Some statistics on Stirling permutations and Stirling derangements

Guan Huei Duh, Yen Chi Roger Lin, Shi Mei Ma, Yeong Nan Yeh

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A permutation of the multiset {1,1,2,2,…,n,n} is called a Stirling permutation of order n if every entry between the two occurrences of i is greater than i for each i∈{1,2,…,n}. In this paper, we introduce the definitions of block, even indexed entry, odd indexed entry, Stirling derangement, marked permutation and bicolored increasing binary tree. We first study the joint distribution of ascent plateaux, even indexed entries and left-to-right minima over the set of Stirling permutations of order n. We then present an involution on Stirling derangements.

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期刊Discrete Mathematics
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