Single-negative metamaterial periodic multilayer doped by magnetized cold plasma

Alireza Aghajamali*, Chien Jang Wu


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This study theoretically investigates the properties of the defect mode in a 1D defective single-negative photonic crystal containing a magnetized cold plasma defect layer. The considered photonic crystal structure is made of epsilon-negative and mu-negative metamaterials. We investigate the defect mode as a function of the thickness and the electron density of the defect layer and the magnetic field. The results show that the thickness, electron density, and variations of the magnetic field affect the frequency of the defect mode. In addition, the shift trend in the defect mode is shown to rely on the polarization due to the presence of polarization-dependent magnetized cold plasma. The results lead to some new information concerning the designing of new types of tunable narrowband filters at microwave frequency.

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期刊Applied Optics
出版狀態已發佈 - 2016 3月 10

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