Single-layer graphene based SPR biochips for tuberculosis bacillus detection

Nan Fu Chiu, Teng Yi Huang, Chun Chuan Kuo, Wei Che Lee, Min Hua Hsieh, Hsin Chih Lai

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    This paper is intended to demonstrate a facile and effective method to construct single layer graphene films onto the self-assembled monolayer (SAM) at Au electrodes based surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biochips integrated loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) for tuberculosis bacillus (TB) detection. It is a novel Au-SAM-graphene nanocomposites and taking advantages of the striking properties of both graphene and Au film, fundamental understanding in hybrid material manipulation and new electrochemical properties can be obtained. The sensitivity of TB detection in the LAMP-based assay for the amplification of the Insertion Sequence 6110 (IS6110) samples was determined by a single-layer graphene/Au thin film and compared with that of a conventional Au/Cr-based SPR chips. The results show that a graphene/Au SPR offers a potentially powerful assay, with a highly sensitive analysis, that may be applicable as an important tool for bio-marker detection.

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