Simultaneous Analysis of Multi-Variables Effect on the Performance of Multi-Domain MFIS Negative Capacitance Field-Effect Transistors

Guan You He, Ming Hao Li, Wei Dong Liu, Lei Ying Ying, Bao Ping Zhang, Zhi Wei Zheng*, Chun Hu Cheng


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With the simulation calibration for negative capacitor considering Landau model and multi-domain (MD) effect, MD MFIS negative capacitance field-effect transistor (NCFET) was thoroughly established for performing the simultaneous analysis of multi-variables (ferroelectric layer thickness ( {T}{mathrm{ FE}} ), oxide layer thickness ( {T} {mathrm{ OX}} ) and gate length ( {L} {mathrm{ g}} )) effect on the device performance. In this study, subthreshold swing (SS) and hysteresis properties of MD-MFIS-NCFET were demonstrated by employing TCAD simulation tool. Compared with the previous reported study on single variable effect based on single-domain (SD) NCFET, the simultaneous analysis of multi-variables effect on MD-NCFET enabled to obtain better device performance and generate more comprehensive results. Convincing models were established based on the experimental data by calibration. Demonstration on the basic simulated results including the lowering SS mechanism and the multi-variables effect on MD-NCFET performance was completely presented based on the capacitance matching theory and short channel effect. With the optimal {T} {mathrm{ FE}} and {T} {mathrm{ OX}} , a trade-off mechanism between the SS and {L} {mathrm{ g}} was shown with the consideration of {L} {mathrm{ g}} scaling. Noticeable in-depth study in association with the simultaneous analysis of the multi-variables effect was carried out, indicating that the hysteresis-free SS obtained by simultaneous analysis of multi-variables was lower than that obtained by single-variable analysis. Final validation results demonstrate that the optimization proposed in this work by considering the multi-variable effect shows high compatibility with other NCFET devices, providing an instructive strategy for the high-performance NCFET optimization.

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期刊IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society
出版狀態已發佈 - 2021

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