Simply modified no-scalpel vasectomy (percutaneous vasectomy) - A comparative study against the standard no-scalpel vasectomy

Kuan Chou Chen, Chiung Chi Peng, Hsiu Mei Hsieh, Han Sun Chiang*


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Background and Purpose: The simply modified no-scalpel vasectomy (SMNSV; percutaneous vasectomy) technique was reported to simplify the standard no-scalpel vasectomy (SNSV) procedure. In this report, we introduce our experiences with SMNSV in comparison with the SNSV. Materials and Methods: Between July 1999 and June 2002, 417 men were prospectively randomized to be vasectomized at the Taipei Medical University Hospital: 215 acceptors underwent the SNSV and the remaining 202 received the SMNSV. Using the no-scalpel vasectomy instruments in a percutaneous fashion, the sharp no-scalpel hemostat punctures the skin directly instead of fixating the vas to the skin with the use of a ring clamp, as done in SNSV. The vas is then grasped with the ringed instrument instead of piercing the vas and performing the supination maneuver, as described for SNSV. The intraoperative conditions of each group were recorded. The postoperative pain and life conditions were self-reported. The pain level was assessed using a 10-cm visual analogue scale under various situations. Results: The time required for the SMNSV technique was less than that for the SNSV technique (p<.05). There were no significant differences between the two groups with respect to incision length, postoperative pain, pain at coitus, time of return to work, time of resuming intercourse, self-reported satisfaction in sexual life, postoperative psychological status, postoperative body weight change and postoperative complications (p>.05 for all items). Conclusions: The simply modified vasectomy technique simplifies the SNSV technique. It combines the minimally invasive nature of SNSV with the simplicity of classical vasectomy while conserving many comparable advantages.

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